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10 Reasons Why Bora Bora Needs To Be In Your Bucket-list

Before I start my blog, let me share this amazing video my husband made during our trip to Bora Bora. Of course, the pictures and videos are not enough to capture the true beauty of the island!

More photos of our trip below. :)


literally my reaction stepping foot on this gorgeous island. I tried not to get excited at first because I was afraid to have such a high expectations and be disappointed at the end. But upon landing and getting off the plane in Papeete, all the excitements and all the joy rushed through me that I couldn't contain myself!!!

I was SO EXCITED! I was SO happy! My moody self because of the long flight, was gone out the door and all the butterflies and the "can't stop smiling" awkward face kept kicking in. By the time we landed in Bora Bora, I was at my happiest point and couldn't wait for what this beautiful island had in store for us. I kept asking myself, "Seriously, am I really in BORA BORA?!!"

Arriving in Bora Bora

Bora Bora airport is tiny. But you guys... this airport got the VIEW! When you walk inside the airport, all the famous luxury resorts will have a booth waiting for your arrival and happy to take you to your final destination. Tahitian flowers and some refreshing tropical drink (St. Regis Bora Bora) was there to welcome us. The view of Mount Otemanu was spectacular and I started taking so much pictures right when I got to our boat dock in the airport. Our resort representative took our luggage and by the time we got to our over the water villa, our luggage was already placed inside our closet. Service? so so great!

Why Bora Bora?

What makes Bora Bora unique is that the island features an extinct volcano at its center, which rises to two peaks called Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. It is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef so the water isn't as rough or choppy compare to being in a open water facing the Pacific. Also, the water is REMARKABLE! So clear, so blue and so fresh! There are so many virgin islands around that you can easily explore through a boat or a jet ski that offers the paradise escape you are looking for. We also learned from our guide that the people in the island veto-ed the idea of building high luxury hotels and buildings because they didn't want to ruin the natural beauty of the island. 

Bora Bora has always been in my husband's bucket-list. Actually on top, because he loves being by the water and going to a beach paradise for a vacation is his favorite. Yes, it's not a cheap vacation, and definitely something people has to really consider when vacationing here because everything comes with a price. Plane ticket in general can cost you a very nice vacation somewhere else with flights and hotel included. Depending how much your budget is varies on what kind of hotel or resort you would like to stay in. I am planning to blog about picking the right resort for you soon, so please stay tuned!

Even with the high price tag, Bora Bora is totally worth to see at least once in your lifetime and here's why...

10 Reasons Why Bora Bora Needs To Be In Your Bucket-list

1. THE WATER - yes, yes... you will always find crystal clear water everywhere.. blue, green, name it all right? But have you seen all of the colors a gorgeous, clear water could possibly have? From dark blue, to blue, to light blue, to baby blue, turquoise, to green, to light green, to literally transparent crystal clear, you will all find it here! Quite simply the paradise is it? The island being surrounded by water, its no surprise that the island also offer plenty of aquatic activities as well.

 (Also visited the pacific side)

2. THE LAND - The beautiful almost untouchable land has a lot to offer. You can rent a 4x4, ATV, or you can hike up to the mountain to see the most beautiful 360 view of the island. Roads are definitely rugged, steep, and sometimes dangerous but it is definitely worth it. Depending on the type of trip or tour you take, you might make a stop to taste their delicious local fruits and learn a few history along the way. Though Mount Otemanu is not safe to climb and definitely not recommended by the locals, you can always try Mount Pahia with the proper gears and knowledge on hand.

3. THE VIEWS - I can't say enough how natural and beautiful Bora Bora is. From the view from the airport, exploring the whole island with a jet ski, staying in our resort, to just looking outside the window of our villa, there is no such thing as a bad view in Bora Bora. It's very pricey having your own private boat to sail or to watch the sunset, but you seriously cannot come to Bora Bora without enjoying the views.

(And many more romantic dinners with a view!)

4. THE MOUNTAIN - Mount Otemanu is the prettiest and definitely the highlight of any trip to Bora Bora. When I think of Bora Bora, I picture the stunning view of Mount Otemanu overlooking exquisite turquoise waters below is definitely what I had in mind. Luckily, every corner in our resort at St. Regis has the best view of Mount Otemanu since the resort is literally facing right in-front of the gorgeous mountain. Not to mention, a small private beach is reachable through a kayak that will give you a beautiful back drop view of what makes this island absolutely unique. 

5. THE OVERWATER VILLAS -  A holiday to Tahiti is bound to be one of luxury. The island's most popular accommodation is definitely the overwater villas. The overwater villa is a staple of barefoot luxury across the world. Those wooden huts that feature a glass bottomed floor to get a glimpse of the aquatic life below, are the perfect romantic hideaways tailor-made for a permanent sign of "Do Not Disturb". All are pricey, but certainly worth it when visiting Bora Bora. 

(We stayed in a overwater villa at St. Regis Bora Bora)

6. THE JET-SKIING - This was definitely another highlight of our trip. Being able to explore the whole island by yourself inside the famous lagoon and getting a closer look was truly magical. It was so much fun and definitely an experience to remember! You get to stop at a few little islands and a few beach spots where you will feel like you have the whole island to yourself. The freedom of being able to stop when you want or being able to go to certain areas that you cannot access by land is what makes this experience one of a kind. 

7. DIVING & SNORKELING EXPERIENCE - Because of the renowned clarity of the surrounding waters, Tahiti makes for excellent diving conditions. It is the perfect location for snorkeling and diving. You will find so many amazing aquatic animals such as variety of shapes and colors of fish, dolphins, eels, manta rays, sharks and even eagle rays. Adventure seekers can get up close and personal with the local black fin sharks.

(Sadly, we didn't take any photos. But you will see them in our videos)

8. THE POLYNESIAN SPAS - A true luxury right here. Continue the pampering and the perfect romantic and relaxing ambiance by visiting one of the world renowned Polynesian Spas. Many five star luxury resorts offer a five star luxury spa experience as well where you can enjoy a range of therapeutic treatments from massages, facials, fresh-flower baths to body wraps. 

(Miri Miri Spa by Clarins at St. Regis Bora Bora)

9. THE TAHITIAN PEARLS - These priceless pearls are truly one of a kind. The beautiful Tahitian pearl is a world renowned jewel that ranges from different shape and sizes. The perfect round will always cost more and I must tell you, even in Tahiti, they are not cheap. They even come with GIA certifications! It is a great piece to take home to remember this beautiful island by. 

A little chart guide to learn more about the Tahitian pearls grading.

10. THE MEMORIES - If I were to pick the most romantic places on earth, Bora Bora will definitely up there. From the beautiful water, the stunning views, to the most luxurious accommodation, you will leave this place with a big smile on your face and a heart that is filled with so much joy and love for this place. It was by far the most romantic vacation my husband and I have ever taken and the only place we know for sure we are going to be back in the future. The memories will definitely stay in our hearts forever. SEE YOU LATER BORA BORA!!! <3

(Pictures taken during our private sunset cruise, romantic dinner at a private island, and went stargazing at the end. It was truly memorable! <3)

 (And more fun!)

And of course... our memorable Canoe Breakfast- a must experience if you’re in Bora Bora!! 


- Bora Bora is a expensive vacation spot. Expect everything to be expensive even food. 

- A five star luxury overwater villas will cost you the average of over $1000 USD per night.

- Minimum cost to vacation here is $11,000 USD of course depends on number of days you plan to stay and the type of accommodation you prefer. Bora Bora can easily cost you $15,000 to $20,000 for the week if you for excursion, food and accomodation in Bora Bora.

- You will spend a minimum of $50 per meal. PER MEAL without a drink. We paid $47 for a club sandwich. :O

- Always try to make sure breakfast is included.

- Food in the main island cost a little less.

- Excursions, tours, rentals are expensive.

- If luxury accommodation is not your priority, theres are few cheaper resorts/hotels that you can stay at and you will still have access to some of the most stunning views and places in Bora Bora. All you need to really worry about is your plane ticket.  Accommodation starts from $400 to $2000 per night USD

- SAVE! do your research and plan your trip.


Lotsssss of love,

Casie Le 

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