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Romper For The Month Of July!

A Brief History of Rompers

Did you know rompers began as children's clothing? Rompers became popular in the early 1900s. They were light and loose fitting and made to be a go-to play clothes for younger children because they were ideal for movement. In 1970s, romper became a fashion casual garment for women.

Now, we see rompers being used by so many designers for fashion shows and definitely a go-to piece being used during warm seasons as well!

A favorite piece for me to pack when I visit a tropical place. Not only it's so easy and light, it's also fashionable.

This romper is 6 years old and still in perfect condition. I’ve worn it so many times during my traveling and the pattern and color of this piece never gets old. A perfect outfit to wear during summer vacations!

Here’s @disisd version,

To see more of her romper open to interpretation for the month of July, Click here!!

Lots of love,

Casie Le

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