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Three Steps To Organize Your Cookie Jar And Making It An Accent Piece In The Kitchen


How pretty are these cookies?! I became obsessed when I saw a clip of Khloe Kardashian (yes, really!) organizing her cookies and displaying them on the counters in her kitchen. I mean, they look absolutely pretty and my kitchen doesn't look so empty anymore. Also, the fact that I now have regular cookies on my counters got a few of my friends excited to even come over. HAH! Seriously, they use to make fun of me for having no junk food around the house, but I think its time to be a little hospitable and accommodating to my visitors, correct?

What I love about this idea is how they can easily became a great decorative piece. They made my kitchen a little bit more inviting and it made it look like I actually have food. My dad always makes fun of me for seriously not having anything to snack on when they come over. Not even kidding.

When it comes to organizing things around the house, I get super excited. I've always been a little neat freak ever since I was a child. Growing up, my siblings knew that a pile of dirty dishes in the sink would bother me. They knew if they take their sweet time washing the dishes and if they ignore me nagging about how it was their turn to wash it, I would end up washing them at the end. Yes, it bothered me that much that I just gave in and washed the dishes. SIGHH

So, its time to show you how to organize your cookies and make them a great accent piece in your kitchen. It's actually very simple!

STEP ONE: Buy the right cookie jar for you. I was a little sad that the jars Khloe Kardashian used for her cookies that she got from target weren't sealed. The Heritage Hill Glass Jar looked great, but because they weren't sealed, I had to find another option. She also used the 2 gallon size container which was quite too big for my counter as well.

I found an alternative jar that has a sealed top from container store that is 1.5 gallon. The Montana Glass Canisters are a little pricier compare to the hill glass jar, but it it's totally worth it especially if they can keep the cookies looking fresh longer.

A friend of mine actually told me they sell the same jar at target for $1 cheaper! Click here.

STEP TWO: Buy the cookies. For a 1.5 gallon jar, It took about 3 big family size Oreos to fill up the outside of the jar. If you want the jar to be completely full, I recommend buying 4 bags that you can easily purchase at Amazon if you're feeling a little lazy to go to the store. :P

You can even be creative and purchase different flavors too if you want.

STEP THREE: Its very simple. All you do is lay your cookie flat around the edge of the jar and just continue until its full. Not placing cookies in the middle will not only help save the number used, but also it will be easier to take out as well.

Just by following these three easy step, TADA! You officially now have the cutest cookie jar that can simply accent your kitchen! :)


Casie Le

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