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Denim For The Month of June!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful summer and enjoying this sunny weather!

Another month, another OTI (Open to Interpretation) for us. Disisd and I picked "denim" to be our theme for the month of June. The weather here in Houston has been HOT! So I picked denim shorts to be my outfit to keep me cool in this warm weather we have been having here. We are averaging around mid 90 degrees fahrenheit here in Houston and yesterday we hit about 102!

I paired by high waist denim shorts with a fun off shoulder polka dot crop top. I also took out my PS1 medium Proenza Schoulder bag that only comes out around spring or summer time because of its fun color to welcome this heat. Also, they are currently having a 65% off sale right now on their website so if you have time, go check them out here!! :)

To check out Disisd's interpretation for this month. Please check out her blog!!!

Have a wonderful day <333


Casie Le

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