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5 Day Itinerary In Amsterdam Including A Day in Bruges, Belgium

My first trip to the Netherlands was quite memorable. I was looking to go somewhere I haven't been in Europe and my parents decided to joined me at the end. Our main destination was Amsterdam, famous for its canals, cute houses, "coffee shops," as what they call it, and of course, the Red Light District. 

Amsterdam is surrounded by 65 miles of canals and is known to be one of the most watery cities in the world. It's surrounded by canals and harbors that offers a legitimate mode of transportation and recreation as well. 

Amsterdam is undeniably very open with brothel houses, prostitution, and the sell of marijuana. Quite a weird place to take my parents right? But there is more of this country than the Red Light District and there is definitely more things to discover outside the city as well.

Exploring a new city is never a bad idea. As much as I like visiting a new city, I also like to explore outside the busy city and experience the less crowded area where you can get in touch with the culture and the local's simpler way of living. 

I will be writing a five day Itinerary, as well as a few day trips that you can take outside Amsterdam to fully get a great feel of what the country has to offer. This is also a great way to get an idea on how many days you will need especially if you are in a tour traveling multiple countries in Europe as well. 

5 Days In Amsterdam

DAY 1 & DAY 2: Explore the city of Amsterdam

Of course, you cannot come to Amsterdam without seeing what it's known for. A tour of the city will take literally a whole day especially if visiting; Vondelpark, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh, Heineken Experience, and if the Red Light District is in your list. If history and museums are your thing, I highly recommend to buy your all tickets online or in advance because they do get sold out quite fast and some only sell tickets online. Taking the train/metro is very convenient and always a good idea when exploring the city, but if you like to know exactly where you are going and not have to worry about where to stop or where to go, you can always book the City Sightseeing Amsterdam Hop-on Hop-off tour including a free canal cruise ticket. Great way to relax and not worry about where the next destination will be. 

Also, this city is full of bikers and you will see bikes left and right. What you need to worry about while walking around the city is for bikers to not run over you! And if you want to explore the city on a bike like the locals, you can always rent a bike OR you can take the Amsterdam City Bike Tour for an alternative sightsee experience in the city. 

Also, if you are a foodie, you might want to check out this blog post to explore a must try Dutch dishes that you need to try, click here. 

(Wine/beer & cheese on our first day!)

 (Literally, bikes EVERYWHERE!)

(The only original windmill left inside the city of Amsterdam)

(Visit the flower market!)

(Have to take a canal cruise of course to explore more of the city!)

DAY 3: Visit the Dutch country side! (Zaanse Schans, Volendam and Marken)

Make your stay worthy and get out of the city to experience the Dutch countryside. A full day tour trip to visit Zaanse Schans, Volendam, and Marken. Get your camera ready to capture the beautiful scenic journey to the country side, the charming and picturesque villages, and the marvelous windmills of the Netherlands. You will get the chance to taste a sample of their authentic local cheese by visiting a cheese factory, and you will also aboard a 20 minute ferry cruise from Voldendam to Marken (available summer only) to visit their wooden clog shoe factory and see how it's made using their traditional method. 

You can always book your day trip in advance here. 

(First stop: Zaanse Schans Windmills)

(Second Stop: Voldendam - to see the cheese factory and waffle bakery)

(A 20 minute ferry ride to the island of Marken for the third and last stop visiting the clogs shoe factory) 

 ( A very charming little town!)

 (A shoemaker showing us how to make clogs using a very old traditional machine)

DAY 4: Visit Giethoorn

If you have an extra time to spare, I highly recommend to see more of the country side and visit Giethoorn. A beautiful village where you will be able to ride a boat to see the "Dutch Venice" of the Netherlands. You will also get the opportunity to explore and climb a dike for views of lakes and polders. 

To find out more about this tour, click here!

DAY 5: A day in Bruges, Belgium

Two countries in one trip? Why not! Explore one of Belgium's most beautiful cities from Amsterdam. This was the longest tour we've ever taken during our trip but it is totally worth it! You will have plenty of time to explore the churches, canals, shops, and eat as much Belgian waffles and chocolates as you want! You can even take it home with you. ;) 

To find out more, click here!

I would like to talk more about my experience in Bruges and things that you have to do or try while you are there. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog post next!


Casie Le 

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