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5 Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas Instead Of Partying

Cabo San Lucas is located at the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula. It's a well-known destination for people who seek to party and a very popular spring break spot. It is also known for their beaches, water-based activities and nightlife. The Medano beach is one of the main party hot spots. With so many outdoor restaurants and numerous bars, there will always be a crowd of people wanting to have fun.

My Le family and I decided to book a trip in Cabo. This was probably our first vacation with all the "kids" together. My husband's cousin was pregnant during our trip to Cabo. Of course, the trip to Cabo was not intended to "party" it up, but more to spend time and relax together. Before listing the things to do, it's very important that you choose a resort or a hotel that's a little further from the city. This will give you the quiet atmosphere you are looking for without having to deal with so many people left and right. If transportation is your worry, there are taxis available to take you everywhere you want to go in town.

We stayed at Cabo Azul Resort with a villa directly facing the pool and the ocean. It was a beautiful resort and the decors were lovely. It wasn't an all inclusive resort but it was worth it. They even offer a 16 seat movie theater inside the resort!

Even though Cabo is known to be a party destination, it can also be a spot for people who seek to relax and enjoy a more calm vacation experience. Below, I will be listing a few places and things that you can do other than partying it up in a bar.



1. El Arco (Lover's & Divorce Beach)

This is a popular spot, but it is for a reason. Located at the southern end of Cabo San Lucas and in between Lover's and Divorce Beach (Playa del Amor & Playa del Divorsio), these rock formations were created from the rough winds and seas of the southern Baja Peninsula. You will also find a few sea lions around the area. It's a great spot for couples who is looking for a romantic spot to see the sunset as well.

2. Lover's & Divorce Beach

Located near the famous Land's End rock formations, you will find the Lover's beach. It is one of Cabo's most famous stretches of shoreline. It is easily accessible by water taxi from the marina. It is a great spot to relax and to sunbathe. There is no restrooms here so make sure to go before you head to the beach.



Even though Divorce beach has such a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean, I highly DO NOT recommend for you to swim in the Divorce beach due to a strong current and waves that can pull swimmers away from the shore and out toward the ocean. Many drowning occurred in this area. I do NOT advise for you to even try at all! Just sit back, bring your camera and enjoy the view without the crowd.

3. A Romantic Dinner At Sunset Point - Sunset Monalisa

"Carved into a cliff overlooking the Bay of Cabo San Lucas with the best view of the famous Arch at Land’s End, Sunset Mona Lisa consistently presents a new experience to those seeking excellence in food and service. Located at the tip end of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico, Sunset MonaLisa has long been an icon in Los Cabos and has been recently classified as “One of the top 5 coolest restaurants in the world” by the Tribune International." - Sunset Point

Definitely a restaurant to book while you're here! The view is spectacular and one of the best in Los Cabos. Make sure to book ahead of time due to they can get pretty busy and booked months ahead sometimes. Watching the sunset while having dinner was absolutely romantic.

4. ATV or RAZOR Tour

You guys, I wasn't even looking forward to this tour because it was my husband who was very persistent at doing it. BUT I actually loved it! The ATV tour consist of multiple group of people with one tour guide. You are limited on where you can go. You wouldn't be able to climb up the hills to see certain views, but you will still see some of the most beautiful views in Cabo. The razor was more private in my opinion. We booked a Razor tour and had our very own guide and there was four of us. He took us to so many places that the ATV cannot even get to. We climbed hills and saw views that was just AMAZING that the ATV wouldn't be able to access. It felt more special and one-on-one in my opinion. Not only it was so much faster, it was also so much fun to drive! Just be careful. Although the price is a little high and more expensive than taking the regular ATV, I still think it was totally worth it!

We booked from Cactus ATV Tours and they were great. If you want to read more reviews about it. Click here.

4. Eat An Authentic Mexican Food

When I say authentic, I mean AUTHENTIC. Not those Tex-Mex or Americanized Mexican food we have at home or anywhere else in the world. This is actually the perfect time to explore and learn more of the culture and visit a town and find a local restaurant. What's amazing about Los Cabos is, yelp works! So I'm sure you'll be able to find a few spots that you will enjoy.

During our trip, we read up a few restaurants and picked Mi Casa Restaurant to be the spot to try. It's an authentic Mexican restaurant that has become a landmark in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. The decor, the unique gardens and the vibrant colors brings so much character into the place. They even offer plenty of vegetarian options! :)

5. Sunbathe & Relax By The Ocean OR Pool

Have you thought about just sitting back enjoying a day with your favorite cocktail in hand? Plus, you're here for a vacation to relax correct? Try to enjoy the moment, the sun and just by being next to the water. Did you know that the ocean or the beach helps get rid of the negative ions in our body? A total stress reliever!

Even though many beaches in Cabo aren't swimmable, there are a few places you can go to that are. Click here.

I love a glass of wine on my hand, but I was never into partying hard. On vacations, I tend to explore and find the most relaxing and beautiful things to see and do. I believe that there is always something to do everywhere you go and all you need to do is to keep on exploring and appreciate the beauty each place has to offer. Writing about this makes me want to go to the beach right now. HAH!


Casie Le

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