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A Valentine's Day Outfit

DRESS: REFORMATION - SIMILARNordstrom - Forever21 - | SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN - Sam EdelmanDSW - Mix No. 6 - Nine West - | BAG: CHANEL WOC - Saint Laurent - Tory Burch - Kohls - More products below under Shop My Look!

I'm going to stay with the basic here, a typical red dress for Valentine's day. You cannot go wrong with a classic red dress. Everyone started posting their Valentine's day outfit way earlier than me, and thats okay. At least I'm not late right?

Seriously, I love how everyone gets creative on celebrating the love month. I've seen people celebrate it by spending time with their family, friends, and their other half. Let's not forget that Valentine's day is not about being a couple, but it's about celebrating love with everyone you care about, or showing and giving love to everyone around you. 

Imagine a world that is full of love instead of hate? It would be an amazing place for everyone to live happily. Anything is possible..

So, I got this dress from Reformation a couple months ago. The actual dress is no longer available, but I found a few similar dresses with the same material from Reformation under shop my look. I also posted a few red dresses that cost less. Sorry you guys, my new year's resolution is to wear what I have and to not buy every outfit I'm about to post. When I post an outfit, either I find the same exact one if available, or I try to find something similar. 

I paired it with my favorite turquoise pump that was gifted to me by my husband for Valentine's day a couple of years ago. I thought it was just a perfect touch for me since the shoes are quite special especially around this time of the year.

They are no longer available, but they have a few other colors available. I also tried looking for some pumps with the same color and I found a few that cost way less! It's a rare color to find especially on pumps, so it wasn't easy looking for them.

I did find a few black wallet on chain with three different price range hoping that helps. I like the idea of being able to provide a few choices for everyone and still get the same or similar outfit look. 

I can't believe its the week of Valentine's day. I wish you all a fun and love-filled Valentine's day. May you all continue to give and receive love from everyone around you. <333


Casie Le 

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