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February's Open To Interpretation: Something Red

It's February!! Get ready to see all the flowers, all the hearts, all the love, and of course, all the reds! Since I haven't done anything related to the love month, I will begin with this post.

For the month of February, DisisD and I decided to do "something red" for our OTI (open to interpretation) outfit.

Here's her intake.

A lovely red lace dress sounds pretty romantic to me! <3 <3

To see more of her photos and outfit details, check out her new OTI blog post! Disisd

And here's mine.

TOP: MADEWELL : Madewell - on sale! |SKIRT: POPPY CLOTHING : Modcloth - Express - on sale! |SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN : Christian Louboutin in Suede - Nordstrom - MORE! |HANDBAG: CHANEL : Madewell - Rebeca Minkoff - |HAT: URBAN OUTFITTERS : Asos

It was fun putting this outfit together. The beautiful skirt I got from a blogger's event held in Houston from The Poppy Clothing, was love at first sight! I knew it was something I will end up using over and over again. I also wanted to give my outfit a "pop" so I figured, since love is in the air, adding the hint of red will be ideal for this special month.

(Photos taken by Marc A. Instragram: @inlight10 & Edited by Me)

If you noticed most of my photos, I like to include a lot of trees, greens, or nature in general. I feel like it adds a character and meaning into a photo. Not just that, I love the colors!

I don't think wearing red is a must when celebrating love. If red isn't your forte, you can incorporate it with adding red accessories instead. I find it very classy and very elegant when someone wears all black with a beautiful pair of red shoes! Just the right accent needed to catch someone's eye.

Celebrate Love & Compassion

This month is a time to celebrate love. Not just your boyfriend or your spouse, but with everyone. I believe that if there is love given to every single person in the world, peace will come right after. With so many unwanted events happening around the world, we forget to practice giving love and compassion to everyone who needs it the most. Let's not forget that love and compassion can be defined as positive thoughts and feelings that give rise to such essential things in life as hope, courage, determination, and inner strength according to Dalai Llama.

Let's use this month to celebrate and practice more of love and compassion by expressing the act of kindness, caring, and support that we can continue to practice as much in everyday living. With love and compassion, not only it will open your heart, improve your health, and find peace, it will also increase your happiness.

Happy Hearts Month Everyone!

Casie Le


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