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Gucci Disco Soho Bag

 DRESS: Lily Rain - Similar Dress | SHOES: Zara - Similar Shoes | HANDBAG: Gucci

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(Photos by Marc A. Instragram: @inlight10 - Edited by Me.)

Hi everyone! Today, I will be talking about my Gucci Disco Soho Crossbody Bag that was gifted to me by my husband almost two years ago. 


- 8in L x 6in H x 2.7in W

- Strap length is between 15in to 21in

- Weights under 1 lb

- Has a beautiful large zipper tassel

- Cotton linen lined for the interior

- Has two interior pockets

- Has a pebbled leather design (which makes the bag scratch free)

- Comes with black, red, rose beige (brown) colors


Upon opening, the bag was wrapped beautiful and the smell of fine leather was just divine, the bag was beautiful! 

At first glance, this crossbody bag looks small, but don't let the size trick you. I was very surprised to fit a lot more than I expected. The zipper wraps around the bag which made it a lot easier to store things inside. I can easily fit my normal continental size wallet, my iphone X, sunglasses, car keys, and a few make-up such as, a compact mirror or a lipstick. If you have a smaller wallet, you can easily store a lot more, and possibly a small make-up bag. The adjustable strap is also very comfortable on the shoulder due to it's soft pebbled leather material. I get worried about scratches, but with this bag, you really don't have to worry about it too much. 

The bag will maintain most of its shape. I do see a few area that has lost shape, but overall, the bag still looks amazing. When not being used, the best way to store it is to keep it inside the dust bag. I like being able to see my handbags my closet, so I keep them displayed. 

Is it worth the price?

I am so shocked that this bag reached almost $1100 without tax this year! I guess because of how it's such in high demand. I know it can be a little much especially for something small, but the quality and beauty of this back will definitely back it up. I've had this bag for two years, the bag still looks amazing, and the stitches are still perfect. I always lean towards quality over quantity and this bag was a definitely a good buy.

Not to mention, a great bag to use for traveling especially if you want something light to carry around that holds only the important stuff. However, always prevent wearing outfits that may do color transfers especially if the bag you purchased is a lighter color. If you know you will be wearing this bag A LOT, and it's something you truly see yourself carrying and using, I think it's worth the price. Also, think about getting a color that will match your wardrobe that you can use all year-around. 

Is this for you?

Overall, this is a great bag for someone who is looking for a crossbody bag that can fit more than the usual small crossbody bags. If comfort is also one of your "must haves" then this bag might be right one for you!

Casie Le


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