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Floral Dress in January?!

Living in Houston, I feel like we get to wear seasonal clothes all year-round. Why? because you never know what kind of weather you're going to get!

Last week, we we're going through a crazy freeze with our temperature dropping as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit that resulted with schools being closed and frozen freeways that nobody could drive through. THEN, last weekend, it started warming up and we actually got a temperature averaging around high 60 to low 70 degrees.

Last Sunday's temperature hit around 70 degrees, and I knew high boots or even sweaters wouldn't do it for me. So, for our date night, I decided to go simple and wear this floral dress just because the weather said I CAN.

You can't never go wrong wearing a dress for a date night. Floral.. because I am getting myself ready for spring. ;) Too soon? but when you get the kind of weather we have here in Houston, I think you can get away with a lot.

I guess I was in such desperation to feel the warm sunny weather because it has been raining all week. I just needed these florals to brighten-up my soul a bit.

Plus, why should spring and summer have all the pretty floral print fun? I don't think anybody should cut the floral out just because fall or winter seem to come with distinct lack of nature flowers. Anybody can always bring the floral throughout the year as long as you have the right material and the right idea for it.

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Dress: Zara - Asos - Zulily - Missguided

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Handbag: Prada

Earrings: Anthropologie - Bonaparte Post Earrings - Winston Post Earrings

Casie Le

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