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4 Reasons Why I Love Oversized Sweaters

Houston weather has been pretty crazy these past few months. We had snow TWICE in less than two months. Even though our snow isn't the full winter wonderland snow, we get pretty excited when a small piece of snowflakes falls from the sky because snow usually happens every 10 years for us?

I want to talk about oversized sweaters and how much I love them! I have a ton in my wardrobe and I just cant seem to stop adding. I found this adorable sweater on sale at Zara. it's a medium, but I didn't really care because it was meant to be comfortable for me. Oversized sweaters are a great piece to add in your wardrobe, and heres why;

 Reasons Why I Love Oversized Sweaters

1. Cozy and Comfortable

They are definitely the coziest and the most comfortable sweaters I own. An oversized sweater is definitely my easy go-to outfit because I never have to worry as much of how I look compare to wearing tighter clothes. 

2. They Are Versatile

An oversized sweater is usually my go-to outfit when traveling during fall or winter season. Not only they are comfortable and easy to put on, they can look absolutely cute when paired with the right pieces without even trying too hard. 

3. Great For All Occasions

Can't never go wrong with wearing an oversized sweater everywhere I go. I can easily style them in so many ways by adding accessories, pairing them with tights, my favorite heels, booties, and even my over the knee high boots. I can always dress them up or down, or wear them daily if I feel like it. 

4. They Keep Me Warm

That's right! I find it to be the best way to put layers on. I get cold easily, so I usually wear one, or two more layers of clothing underneath depends with how cold it is outside. And, I never have to worry about looking big because it's called "oversized" sweater for a reason. :P

I paired this outfit with some winter ear warmers that I bought couple years ago at Anthropologie. They are no longer available, but I found a few similar pieces below. :)



Knit Sweater - @ H&M

Plunge Neck Oversized Sweater - @ Shein


Cable Knit Ear Warmer - I noticed Etsy has a ton of cute ones!


Casie Le 

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