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The Three Simple Guide For Mix-and-Match

Hi everyone!

I am indeed wearing the same pants I wore a few days ago, but of course, I paired it with a total different top, coat, and even accessories. Like what I mentioned on my new year's resolution post, I would like to focus on re-using or re-wearing the pieces I already have in my closet by following what I think is the perfect three "mix-and-match" guide.

I think there are three different things to look for when trying to put together a new outfit. Having these three pieces will be a great guide to create a different look by using what you already have in your wardrobe.

So, what are the three mix-and-match guide to follow?

1. The Classic - The Base

The classic, which is the foundation of an outfit of where to start. This can be your pants, your dress, or even your top. The classic that I have on is my black top, which is pretty much a very basic piece that we all have in our wardrobe.

2. The Perfect Match - The Accent

After figuring out the basic piece that you would like to use, it's time to move forward and pick the perfect accent. Find what matches well, or what goes together with you basic pants or top. The perfect match, or the accent that I have on, is my mustard yellow pants. I don't think you will ever go wrong pairing black with many colors to be honest. I just took this opportunity to focus and to re-wear the pants I already have by pairing it with a different top.

3. The Eye-catcher - The Pop

The eye catcher is pretty much the piece that gives it a "pop". The unique piece that brings life to your outfit. A statement piece that turns your outfit from the score of 5 to 9, or even a 10. The eye-catcher piece can be anything from a statement coat, jewelry, shoes, and even a handbag. The "pop" piece I chose for this outfit is my coat, which gives a total and complete contrast of what I was wearing, but yet, it the colors just seem to go together.

I hope you can find these helpful especially when you want to create an outfit without having to spend a penny. Who doesn't like to buy new pretty things right? But sometimes, we just need to get creative and find a way to use the things we already own. Plus, we bought them for a reason, so it's time to get your money's worth and use them as much as you can!

Casie Le

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