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Be A Woman That Empower One Another, Not A Girl Who Competes: How To Be a Better Woman

A few days ago, my friend A and I we're checking up on each other's New Year's Resolution goals. We we're talking about how much we have to work on things like, writing down one thing you are thankful for everyday, creating a more peaceful mindset, how to be more understanding, and etc. It's NOT that easy to make a change in a day or two, or even months. It's a learning process and there will be times when you fall back where you will need a little hope or a little lift, from someone who is willing to help you get back on your feet. 

Doesn't it feel amazing when you surround yourself with such positivity and people who just gets you at times??

I love having heart to heart, real-talk conversations with people who are genuinely trying to help you understand things that you don't. I have this friend named C, that no matter what life throws at her, she find the most positive things and focus on that. I just love the energy, the positivity she carries, the caring, and love she gives her friends. She will say she loves you even if you don't say it back, just to tell you that she does. As someone like me, who didn't grow up to be as affectionate, I realized that maybe, it isn't so bad to tell someone how you feel about them or if they look, "fabulous" or "pretty" that day. I mean, will it be bad to put a smile on someone's face, or show them a little positivity even if it only last a short period of time? I also think it feels amazing when you intend to do something positive and someone shows their appreciation.

This brought me back during that one time when my friend A, sent me a quote saying,

"GIRLS competes with each other, WOMEN empowers one another."

This quote says a lot and I'm sure we we're at least once guilty for being a "girl." Ladies, let's be real here, there's a part of us that loves a big juicy gossip whether it's someone we know, or we don't know. We often spend too much time criticizing each other instead of empowering one another. It's sad, but its true. We sometimes spend our time looking at girls with our first instinct to judge them. If looks can kill, I'm pretty sure we can leave our opponent in a really bad shape. We are extremely hard on each other, and often most critical with the decision of how others made about their hair, clothing, career, men, and their lives in general. Does it really make you feel good after a whole negative conversation about someone particular? You know, that one time I spoke about a girl and said things I wouldn't like someone to say about me, I stopped for a moment and reflected on what I just said. I didn't feel good, AT ALL. Instead, I felt, bad. 

So what should we do?

We should embrace each other, support one another, and stand up for each other. We must develop better ways to adapt because we are constantly changing and growing. We are all women, and no longer girls. Let's try to be less judgmental and be more understanding. Lets work on being more positive about things and people around us. We all deal with our own insecurities, and keep in mind that being envious is a sickness that is hurtful and hateful. If we let our insecurities take over our minds, it will destroy us at the end, and we will be left feeling more lost and lonely at the end.  

How To Be A Better Woman

It's not easy dealing with people especially with women who are not so nice. But I think, the first thing we must do is to learn how to be confident and learn how to empower other women in our lives. Reminding each other to be more positive, and encouraging other women around us may be the biggest step you can make to become a better woman.

1. A Genuine Compliment

Give it ladies! Sometimes, a compliment is all someone need to lift their spirit up after a rough day. Sometimes, telling someone how great they look, or how cute their outfit is, helps bring back the positivity that was slowly dying inside. Even if they don't say anything nice about you, just give it to them anyways. The feeling of giving such a positive energy feels absolutely amazing knowing you just made someone's day. 

2. Smile Often

You never know what a simple smile can do. Smiling doesn't just make other people feel better, it can also help us feel better about ourselves. If you're dealing with a grumpy person, smiling at them can probably make a whole lot of difference on how they treat you. 

3. Be A Good Listener

Your friends care about you! They are always ready to listen for whatever bad or exciting news you want to share. But as much as your friends like to listen, it's also important to ask how's their day. It's a great way to show effort that their lives matter as well. Especially, your girl-friends. 

4. Be Supportive

Show your support and be happy for them even if it's not your cup of tea. Show that you are happy for them and let them know you will always be there. They will eventually return the favor. 

5. Be Kind

Ladies tend to get “bitchy” when things doesn't exactly go their way, or if they find something pretty annoying. I get it. But sometimes, no  matter how annoying someone is, or how uninterested a topic can be, be kind, and extend kind words. They are not perfect, and so are you. 

6. Be Real

Be your authentic self, showing them who you are empowers other women to do the same. 

7. Surround Yourself With Positive People

Only surround yourself with people who will lift you up, support you, and have the same goals as you. Be happy for others, and they will be happy for you.

8. Stop Comparing

The grass is always greener somewhere else. Such as cliche, but it's true. Everyone's lives are different, and every life has their own uniqueness and specialty. We need to remind ourselves the precious things we have in-front of us and encourage other women to do the same. I, myself, often forget what's important. I tend to sometimes focus on the negativity and forget the good things around me. Let's encourage one another that there's always a reason to smile. We just have to keep looking.  

We need to remind ourselves that we are all human with flesh, human with feelings, and we are all the same. We had our moments where we acted mature or immature, sane or insane, in short, we all made mistakes. This is the time to reflect on ourselves and find the opportunity to be a better woman each and everyday. We can choose to be envious, or we can choose to lift each other up. You have the power to choose what kind of woman you want to become and nobody else. Just imagine a world without hate? Life would be full of love and happiness. 

Casie Le

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