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When You Lose A Loved One

This is a special post.

A post about life, death and even the people who are left behind with heartaches. Coping with a loss of someone that means a lot to you may be the hardest challenges that many face. We all react differently when unexpected situations like this happen to us. Some understand it as a natural way of life and accepts it in a way knowing their love one is in a better place. Others get lose with the feeling of shock and confusion that later lead into periods sadness or depression.

Sadness slowly fades away, while acceptance comes into place as time passes. But grieving is an important process in order to overcome these emotions. When we lose a spouse, sibling, or a parent, grieving can be intense. It may take months or a year to come to term with a loss, but people recover from loss on their own through time as long as they have a good support system and a healthy habit.

As humans, it is our natural instinct to endure loss and to continue on with our own lives. But for some, it may be a struggle to continue on with their daily activities due to experiencing a longer period of grief depending with the type of relationship they had with the person that is lost. Mourning the loss of someone you cared and loved is hard and takes time. Nobody is ever prepared to take in that much sadness and pain, but it can also be a spur for a new sense of meaning that offers purpose and direction to life.

I have a different way of coping and particular way of expressing my feelings. I usually just sit in one corner or I catch myself staring at the wall. I have no words, nor do I have the right words to say to make me or someone feel better because deep inside, I understand the feelings and I understand nothing at that moment will help to take the pain away. But there is one thing that I know, losing a loved one helps you appreciate and treasure the other people you have in your life. I learned that life is too precious and time is truly something that should never taken advantage of.

Life is truly unpredictable. Just remember that when there is pain, never be afraid to talk about it. Accept your feelings, and know that all of these emotions are normal. They leave and they come back because there's truly no cure for a lost loved one. Cry, let it go, and think about the happy moments that you want to keep and cherish forever. Celebrate the lives of your loved ones. Know that he/she would want what is best for you and would want you to continue to live your life.

When things gets too tough, sometimes, a psychologist can be helpful to train you to handle fear, guilt or anxiety associated with death. Sometimes, all you need is a way to learn to handle your emotions and to understand your feelings. To understand more about grief, click here.

Casie Le

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