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A Mustard Kind of Day!

"How good is yellow, it stands for the sun." A day that feels gloomy, shades of yellow will help brighten up your day. I woke up today and thought about the color yellow, and since it's my aunt's favorite color who just recently left us to go to heaven, this post is for you "tita". Now when I think of yellow, I will think of you. <3

(Photos by Marc A.)

I believe there is a way to change your mood. If you're feeling a little out of the blue, or gloomy, wear something that will brighten up your day or a color that will shine your soul. Funny enough, anything with the shade of yellow is my go-to color when I'm feeling a little gloomy because it reminds me of "energy" and the sun.

I also wanted to wear something comfortable which means, pairing my favorite sweater with my soft crop pants turned out to be a perfect match. And no, I don't shop every outfit I post. These are pieces I've had and I've used many times. It's the matter of how you "mix and match" the things you have now. One of my resolution for the year is to put all my clothes to good use, and using them more than usual is definitely the idea I'm trying to go for.

Pairing them with a classic pointed toe pump gives the outfit a more classy feminine look, which is probably one of the looks that I love most.

Even though I've had these culotte pants for quite sometimes now, I found a similar pants for literally under $10! Check out outfit details for all the info.

Outfit Details


Funnel Neck Sweater - @Express guys its on sale!!!


Culotte Pants - @NastyGal for $7!

Kick Flare Trousers - @nordstrom


The shoes I am wearing is a Valentino Pointed Toe Shoes with Rockstud Heels that I can't no longer find anywhere so I found two similar shoes and they're cheaper!

Gayle Point Toe Pump - @nordstrom

Designer: Manolo Blahnik BB Pointy Toe Pump - @nordstrom


Pont-Neuf MM Monogram Empreinte

Great Color Pair: Sole Society Izzy Satchel - @nordstrom

Casie Le

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