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5 Simple Ideas On Spending Quality Time With Your Spouse

"A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and promise to never give up on each other."

New relationships always start with a honeymoon phase where they feel more alive and happier because everything is still new and exciting. What many doesn't realize is that, unless you're willing to put in the same type of love and effort, and the time into showing your partner how much you adore them as how you did in the very beginning of the relationship, the honeymoon phase won't last long.

Do you make enough time to spend together?

It's sad to say that many marriages fail nowadays, and divorce ratings goes up each year. Many times, we take our partners for granted, and this is where the relationships starts to suffers. I believe that we all have the power to build a strong and solid foundation that is based on love, if we put the same amount of time and effort into the relationship.

So, what ways can I spend quality time with my partner?

5 Simple Ideas On How You Can Spend Quality Time Together

1. Find A Common Interest

A healthy relationship is based on compatibility and how well you guys get along, or enjoy spending time together. You and your spouse doesn't exactly have to like the same hobbies or things, but finding a common interest and doing them together builds a long lasting bond that is beneficial for your relationship.

2. Have A Regular Date Night

Sometimes, all you need is a good night out together, and a good laugh or conversation to bring the spark back into the relationship. Life gets in the way and life can be pretty hectic that times like this helps us remember who we are doing life with.

3. Try New Adventures Together

Try something out of the ordinary, and make it memorable. Something to look back, to laugh about, or to remember for the rest of your lives. It can be a an exciting activity you've never done before, or even just taking an out of a spur moment drive or trip somewhere. The most important is that you guys are together creating this memory, TOGETHER.

4. Talk

What couples need to have a good marriage is to have a good communication. This starts with talking. Sometimes, all you need is to be home, relax, and talk about everything that has been going on with life. Even talking about the past, or the good times you had. Life gets in a way and we don't get to open up as often as we want to our partners. Making the time to talk things out, or giving them your ears to listen, is a great reminder that no matter what, you guys will always have one another.

5. Take A Vacation or Weekend Getaway

If you are able to travel with your partner, please do so. Even just taking a day off or two to spend time with your partner helps. This can be a fun way for the both of you. Changing the scenery and re-kindling the romance is all that you need to bring back that smile and moments to cherish.

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In short, the more time you spend with someone, the more you'll get to truly know them in a deeper level. Love will grow and happiness will shine when we make time for our partner. Spending quality time with them is a valuable key on a keeping a happy marriage. A good marriage that is based with love holds a strong bond and a solid foundation that will be unbreakable. <3

Casie Le

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