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Is it Worth A Try to Travel Solo?

Kudos! to all those solo world travelers who are fearless to seek adventures at every destination they go to. I may not be as brave as they are where they travel for months or years at a time, but I am proud to say I've traveled solo longer enough to know how it feels and learned a few positive experiences that I keep close to my heart.

I get it. Not everyone has the urge to explore a place on their own, nor ready to travel solo especially if they always have someone to go with. I'm going to be honest, I wouldn't even consider traveling solo if I always had someone to go with. I went through a dilemma a couple years back where either I travel solo, or not go at all. So what did I do? You bet! I went on a trip... alone.

There are a few concerns when it comes to solo traveling. Safety, loneliness, and boredom, are just some of the few that make solo traveling sounds scary. Being a woman, and traveling alone, can also be challenging with gender inequality issues happening around the world. Despite all these, do I really think it's worth a try?


Everyone should try to travel solo at least once in their lifetime. I've traveled in groups, with family, friends, and by myself. I value experiences very much, so I find each to have such a great advantage in many ways but nothing like traveling by yourself.

Here are the reasons why it's worth trying....

1. Self-Discovery - Who are you?

You will be en-route to learn more about yourself. What do you like? What do you not like? Solo travel gives you a chance to follow your instincts, and take control of what direction you want to take. It teaches you independency, and allows you to find out more of your capabilities. Sometimes, we learn more about who we truly are when we give the time to be alone, and when we get to explore on our own. When traveling solo, you need to know what you're getting yourself into. You will also learn that the only person you can rely on is yourself. After a trip, you will definitely come back feeling like a new person with a whole new fresh perspective to take on in life.

2. Freedom - Where to next?

Traveling with people is great! I enjoy it very much. But traveling with people also means you have to think about others, and not just yourself. If something goes wrong, plans has to change and whether you like it or not, you have to do what's best for the group. The world is just too big to have to wait around for someone to go with every time you want to explore and go on an adventure. Traveling alone is the ultimate freedom to plan and to create your own schedule of everything you want to do, including when and how you want to do it.

3. New Friendships - Nice to meet you!

The most I was concern about when I decided to travel solo was to feel lonely and to feel alone. During my first solo trip to Boston, I felt the loneliness at one point, but that did not discouraged me, nor did it stop me to travel solo again. It is a very normal feeling especially if you've never done it before. But trust me, it gets better each time. On every trip, I learned that you meet wonderful people along the way. What's even amazing is, you get to meet people traveling solo with similar age and similar interests.

Making new friends is truly what I enjoy the most. Nothing is cooler than learning about their culture or hearing about where they come from. Traveling can lead to wonderful adventures and meaningful experiences with complete strangers that have long lasting impact in your life.

I used to hate taking too much photos of myself even on a trip, then a sweet friend that I met during my trip to New Zealand told me, "if you want a photo of a place, you can always look on the internet and find it, but you will never find the same picture of you in it." Now, guess who likes to take photos especially on traveling?? This girl! ;) A great example of how strangers can give a positive attitude and impact in your life.

4. Confidence - I can do anything!

The feeling of discovering a place on your own and accomplishing something you've never thought you could, is the best feeling in the world. Nothing beats achieving a goal you've always wanted to do OR something you thought was once impossible. Stepping out of your comfort zone and succeeding it, boost your self confidence where you will feel prepared to handle anything in the world. Given the opportunity to enter the unknown, teaches you how to face various situations or scenarios in life.

Here are some of the photos I took during my first and second experience traveling solo. The first trip was in Boston, and the second trip was in French Riviera & Monaco.






-Always keep caution and do your research before traveling anywhere. Knowledge is power.

-Avoid wearing anything that will make you stand out in a crowd. Leave your valuables at home.

-Never be afraid to ask questions.

So there you go! If at one point in your life, you get inspired to book a trip and travel solo, do yourself a favor and just do it! Explore and feel the magical beauty of this world because courage is found in unlikely places. <3

Casie Le

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