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10 Tips On How You Can Make Your Closet Look Like A Boutique

When you walk into your favorite boutique, does it give you that sense of happy, fuzzy feeling inside? If you're like me, who gets obsess over the decors, the smell, and the presentation of a well-styled boutique, you are in a right place!

Nothing beats exploring every corner of the store that displays beautiful things such as; cute clothing, shoes, and even dangling jewelries that hangs beautifully on the wall. Creating your own boutique is like your own artwork where you are able to present your own personality to whoever enters it.

My closet is one of my favorite place in the house. During the process of building it, I wanted to create something that captures who I am. It wasn't easy trying to explain exactly what I wanted, but having a husband who works his way around CAD designing, we were able to create what I had in mind on the computer to easily explain it to the builders. This is why I like doing home projects with him because together, we are like the dream team. In our home, we are able to combine both of our interests, talents and passion to create the home we envisioned.

Many have asked me what made me put so much time and effort building and creating my closet. My answer is simple, it's like my own little corner at home that gives me the peace of mind I need sometimes. If for some people, their library, their home office, game room, or their garage is their haven, mine is my closet.

Also, You do NOT have to totally re-do and spend a lot of money to have the boutique-feel closet you want. I've organized people's closet spending minimal amount, to not spending a dime at all. Even though yes, buying some shelves or containers to organize jewelries and accessories would help, you can always try going to IKEA and look for something that will work around the space you have. I've always worked around the space that I have. I've organized the smallest, tiniest closet, to working with IKEA shelvings, to building out simple custom shelvings, and to finally having the full built closet I have now.

Take this experience as taking out the inner creative spirit you have in you!

So lets cut to the chase and let's begin by listing a few tips on how you can make your closet feel like a boutique. I truly stand by this.



This is the time where you really need to use your imagination and think about how you want your closet to feel. Paint, or adding a wallpaper makes a big difference and it doesn't cost much. Doing something different, and adding a background that pops, gives a big effect in your space.


If you have a room for a mirror, fantastic! This is a great addition to your closet due it gives you the appearance of a larger room. Plus, a mirror can be use for many things such as trying to figure out what outfit to wear, or when you're putting on accessories. You can always create your own little vanity area by adding a dresser with a mirror on the corner if space permits. If you need a few ideas how you can DIY a vanity area, click here! - Pinterest does the job. ;)


You heard that right! The key is organization. It's always best to begin transforming your closet by organizing your clothes and pieces just like a boutique. Sort and hang your clothes by categorizing them however you want. Some do it by colors, weight, and some do it seasonal. Whatever works for you. Also, figure out the pieces you're going to fold, put away to hide inside your dressers, and think of the pieces that you think will look beautifully displayed. Doesn't everything look so much nicer when its neat and organize?


I can't say this enough, but hangers plays a HUGE role. If you have hangers that are broken, different in colors, sizes, OR you still use those wire hangers that you get from the dry cleaners, GET RID OF THEM! Update your hangers and replace them with sturdy ones. You can get whatever material you want and whatever style you prefer to have. Wood, plastic, velvet, its your choice. Also, always point the hangers in the same direction. Not only it looks neat, but it's easy on the eyes.


What do you think a store owners do to attract and advertise their pieces? Display and presentation! If you have shelves in your closet, display your shoes and handbags where you can clearly see them. This will bring a lot of the boutique-feel you are looking for. If you don't have shelves but have a room for them, you will find some at IKEA for some affordable ones. If you don't have enough space for shoes, purchase a shoe divider that you can put over your closet door or clear shoe organizer that you can stack and put on the bottom of your closet. Plus, when you can see them, you are likely to use them more. You bought them for a reason right? Put them to good use!


This is probably one of my favorites! Nothing gives you the boutique feel than displaying the beautiful pieces and accessories you have. I know necklace holders or an accessory wall holders can be quite expensive, so maybe you can consider a pegboard? OR you can always turn to Pinterest for a ton of ideas to find a DIY necklace holder. I suggest to hang your other accessories such as, hats and belts if you have the space for it. When things are hidden, you often forget about it. When you can see your belongings, it is more likely that you will use and enjoy them.


If you are able to convert or change your lighting in your closet, go for it! One of the best part in my opinion is being able to pick a lighting or chandelier you like. It gives your closet the whole "wow" factor upon entering. It's like interior designing, and how changing light fixtures in the house makes a big difference. Proper lighting fills up dead space and gives the room a better feel.


I'm a fan of wicker baskets, but I've also seen metal or canvas baskets being used inside the closet that looks good. I find having a basket inside the closet helpful because instead of leaving my clothes laying on the floor, I place them inside the basket instead. If you're in a hurry, throw your clothes in the basket and go back to organize, hang, or fold them when you have time. It can also be use to place your dirty clothes. It's just another way to keep your closet clean and organize.


Not many people think about this, but as someone who loves everything that smells good, I know I have to mention it here. Isn't it wonderful when you walk into a room that smells fantastic? Not only it changes your mood, but it sometimes take the stress away. I always have scented candles at every corner in my house including my closet. Placing some kind of fragrance like a diffuser, helps keep that cozy fresh scent when you enter your closet. It just add a touch to knowing you are somewhere amazing.

Also, don't forget to add little details in your closet that helps make it pop such as small jewelry boxes, little storage spaces and even a flower vase or frames that can be used as decor on the wall. Your little touches gives your closet a feeling of the owners personality.


Don't waste your time doing all these work on creating your boutique-like closet if you're not going to take care of it. Like what I said, the key is organization and keeping everything nice and clean to maintain the feeling you are going for.

Hope these have been helpful! Happy transformation! :)

Casie Le

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