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New Year, New Me?! Hello 2018!

So it's official. It's 2018!

I can't believe another year had gone by. 2017 brought a lot of highs and lows, and had truly pushed my patience more than you can imagine. It wasn't my favorite year, but I am thankful for all the tough times and the life lessons I went through because it helped me realize so much about myself. I learned so much, as well as learning to appreciate the things and the people I have in my life. I am not quite exactly where I want to be in mind, but I know I just have to trust the process.

So I guess this is the part where I write about my New Year's resolution and New Year's To-do List? Well, here it goes.

1. Health

Health has always been important to me. The reason I mentioned it here is because I know I can do more than what I do now. I can always improve, as well as knowing I can push harder. This will be one of my main focus especially when I'm traveling. It will be a challenge, but I just have to find the balance to make it work. 

2. Do MORE of what makes you smile

I worry a lot. Just something I can't help. I tend to worry more of other's feelings that I end up forgetting about myself, and my feelings at times. There have been a few times last year where I limit my own potential for the sake of others. No, this doesn't mean I'm going towards selfishness, but more of loving and caring about myself more. I realized that not everyone will like the things that you do, but if you know that you do no harm to others, and all you are doing is making life works, and to be happy with clean intentions, then keep going. 

3. Learn to say NO, and trust your instincts

One of the tough things I had a hard time doing last year was saying no. There have been a few red flags, and my instincts told me to not let it happen, but it did. Some people have told me that I am too nice, but it isn't something I am ashamed of. I wouldn't have amazing people in my life if I didn't put my trust on them. I guess what I meant is, I have to put limits from time to time. Know when it feels right, and know when it's time to let go.

4. Have MORE Patience

Everyone can benefit from this. As someone who likes to get things done as soon as possible, I know there will be those times where patience will be my best bet. There are a few things in my life that I know I have to be patient for, for the goal to be fully achieved. Sometimes, best things happen through time with enough patience. I just know I can't give up, and when the right time comes, it will come. 

5. Love MORE and be MORE honest to yourself

More love to give to my family and friends is one of my new year's resolution. Never be afraid to show how much you care and appreciate the people you care about in your life. Life is too short to just let a day pass by without letting them know you are thinking about them. I plan to be more honest with myself, as well as with my emotions and my feelings. I can't always pretend that I'm okay when I'm not. To make a change, I have to act. 

6. Be MORE open about GOD

I used to keep things to myself, often about my spiritual beliefs. I realized that I shouldn't keep something I value nor should I be scared to mention about God. Unexplainable things happen around us whether we like it or not. God had put me in so many test, but he will never give me something I cannot handle. He always give me enough strength and will to make it through. He never left my side when I needed him the most. This will be something I should proudly carry in my heart. 

7. Write More

I seriously enjoy writing about the things that interests me, or even something I would like to share. Sometimes, life gets in the way and I forget about what I enjoy doing. I am not a professional writer, nor do I claim to be. I'm just here writing and putting my feelings, interests and a little bit of my life story into words. 

8. Focus only on YOUR goal

Don't let anybody change your mind or stop you from achieving your goal. Temptations are always around, but never forget why you started in the first place. Your goal might not be like others, but you are here to work on yourself and your life and not theirs. Like what I said, great things happen with patience. STAY FOCUS!

9. Find Balance

I'm an extremist. When I put my mind and heart into something, I always give my all. It's good to have a goal set, but learn to take a break from time to time and work on the others things that needs attention. With a great balance, everything comes into place. 

10. Find OUR home

I guess this is more of  to-do list. As much as I love our house right now, I have to look into the future and focus more on a long-term goal. We can't always get what we want, and it can't always be the perfect house. All I know, wherever we go, I will do my best to build a PERFECT home to create wonderful memories with. 

So there it is! and I am on a mission to make all these into reality. I know Christmas is over but I will be taking my Christmas tree down early this year (yes, early!) so I took one last photo with my tree. Plus, it was freezing and dark outside!

This was my NYE outfit that I truly loved. I had to wear red, because they said it's a good luck color to have. I have nothing with a round print on, BUT I put nothing but round fruits and round things on my dining table to welcome New Year!

and as much as I want to say I wore my hat all night, I didn't. BUT it was cute so I took a picture with it. lol

Outfit Details

BAG: Chanel Camelia Clutch

SHOES: Over The Knee High Boots - I can't quite find these boots anymore but here are two things I found online. One is even on sale!

Steve Madden Over The Knee and BP Fab Nara Over The Knee

SHORTS: For some reason, they don't offer the black color online at Zara. I did purchase it at the store but I found something similar, and it's on sale! 

Bermuda Shorts With Frills

TOP: Fringed Checked Shirt - On sale!

HAT: Halogen brand - bought years ago. No longer available.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! :) 


Casie  Le

#NYE #newyearsresolution #fashion #style