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5 Reasons Why Taking Family Vacations Can Be Beneficial

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday so far. I can't believe how busy life can get especially during the holidays! It's the busiest time of the year, and the perfect time to spend with you loved ones. I figured with all these going on, why not write something about that relates to family bonding and what makes it so beneficial?

Taking a family vacation, even just taking a road trip somewhere out of the norm is essential to keep a healthy family relationship. It's always a good idea to take a break from a hectic life schedule, and spend it with the people you care about the most- your family.

It's never a bad idea to take a break especially after celebrating the busy holiday that kept you pretty occupied like, Christmas or the New Years. There are a few reasons why taking a family vacation is important, and here are the reasons why;

1. The Planning

Sometimes, planning gets you all hyped up knowing something exciting is about to come. Even with a stressful week, planning a trip sometimes takes the stress away (for some). Planning with your family and getting them involved makes the planning more worthwhile and meaningful.

Picking a destination is a must. We decided to go to a warm tropical place instead of the typical winter wonderland feel after Christmas. Plus, just being by the beach makes everything so much better at times. The sound of the ocean, and hearing the wind breeze just relaxes you and gives you the peace of mind you sometime long for.

We stayed at a adults only all-inclusive resort called the Royal Resort in Playa Del Carmen, which was less than an hour away from the Cancun Airport. It’s so much easier booking a private pick-up directly from your hotel to make your arrival much more easier and relaxing. Isn't it better when you plan things out and arrive to your destination with less things to worry about? Thats what's vacations are for right? (maybe)

2. The Journey

The journey to your destination takes a big role when spending time with family. Not only it teaches you lots of patiences, but it also encourages everyone to get a long. Why would you want to ruin a vacation just because you're moody? It's the time to not only think about your feelings but also the people around you. You learn to communicate better, learn to make things work, and you learn to equally contribute the best way you can to have a fun and memorable trip.

3. The Experiences

The best way to learn more about life and the world around us is by doing hands-on experiences. Vacations offers great opportunities for adventures such as; discovering culture, appreciating nature, and gaining insights and different perspectives that will help us understand one another. As much as we love and care about each other, we don't always agree on the same thing, nor do we have the same thoughts and ideas. Being expose to the things that is out of the norm, or being able to get out of your comfort zone is the best way to create an unforgettable memories and unbreakable bond with your family. Families not only learn about each other, but they also learn about themselves.

Discovering the underground caves, the cenotes.

the water was freezing cold!

Exploring the town

4. Family Bonding

As we get older, we become our own person. Vacations are time spent with your family. This offers amazing opportunity to get to know one another and to learn more each other.

Here's a photo of us exploring Tulum and the Mayan Ruins. OF course, taking selfies is the best way to do it.

Also, we visited the Isla Cozumel!

Rented a car and rode around the whole island.

5. Relax and Enjoy The Company

Everyone needs a break. Sometimes, being with your family makes it all worth it. Being with the people you're most comfortable with makes a trip a little bit more relaxing.

A video of this trip is posted under Videos that you can find on my Travel tab :)

Until next time!

Casie Le

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