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Hidden Gems In Arizona Video


After over a year of waiting for this video to complete, it's here!!! Thanks to my talented friend, Marc A.! He was able to put together such a beautiful video. Thats what's great about bringing a friend who does wonders on capturing moments especially when traveling. ;)

This trip was probably one of the cheapest trips I've ever been to. I found such a good deal and spent a total of five nights, with flight, hotels and even a car rental - food included for less than $500. I must say, it was totally worth it! We saw so many beautiful places such as;

- Grand Canyon

- Antelope Canyon

- Horse Shoe Bend

- Point Marine (Lake Powell)

Truly a road trip to remember and something to treasure for a lifetime.

I can't wait for our Mexico travel video trip! *wink*wink*

Until next time!


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