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Two Days Itinerary in Venice Italy

Hey everyone!!!

It has been such a long time since the last time I posted. I was trying to catch up with life and it seems like there is always something to do every single day. With my trip to Ireland coming up in just a few days, I knew I have to figure out a way to write a post before I leave. I have so much to catch up with so I made sure to make the time today to post. So here it goes! :)

Venice, Italy

Venice, the capital of northern Italy's Veneto region, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It is world-famous for its canals that is built on an archipelago of 118 islands formed by about 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. The canals serve the function roads, and every form of transportation is on water or on foot.

Venice has been one of the most popular destination and a city that you must see when in Italy. It is considered the most beautiful city in the world because of its unusual urban design and its artistic heritage. With its canals, gondolas, delicious restaurants and unforgettable romantic ambiance, Venice is definitely a city for one's bucket list. You don't want to miss experiencing the waterfront palaces, churches, palazzos and many more.

But the real question is, will it be possible to make a quick stop at Venice? Will two days be enough to see the city?

For some people, staying in Venice for more than two days is a must. But if you only have two days to explore the city, it is more than possible to make this happen.

How to see Venice in two days?

If you will be arriving in Venice that first day by plane or by train, much of that first morning will be spent traveling and finding your hotel. We got a little lost looking for our hotel and took us quite some time to do so. This itinerary will be done with 1.5 days to explore the city, 2 days total including travel time.


Day One

1. Campanille di San Marco (bell tower) - a great place to see first for stupendous city panoramas from the top.

2. Basilica di San Marco - a place to see thousand square feet of glittering mosaics. If you pay a small, separate admission fee, you will get to see the pala d'Oro altarpiece and will get to visit the Marciana Museum upstairs with a great close-up balcony view of the mosaics.

3. Doge's Palace - an impressive gothic style Palazzo Ducale, characterized by the use of arcading in the lower stories and its multicolored marble exteriors. It is found next to the basilica.

4. Ca' d'Oro - a glorious private palace on the Grand Canal now turned into a museum and art gallery.

5. Rialto Bridge - It's a Renaissance stone span lined by shops. Take a few minutes to explore the stalls of the Rialto Market. It's a symbol of the city and one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice. It's the oldest and the most famous bridge in the city. To really experience Venice, its a must to drift down the Grand Canal. Lingering around the exhibit halls of an art gallery is also a must.

6. Scuola Grande di San Rocco - need to see more paintings and arts? highly recommend that you check out the amazing Tintoretto paintings in Scuola Grande di San Rocco. You will find beautiful oil paintings here.

It's up to you when you want to stop for lunch or dinner. There are several great places to eat around Piazza San Marco. I recommend to try their hearty and authentic Italian and French cookbooks. If you prefer a quick and cheap bites, there are a few restaurants or stands selling hot and prepared food near the Rialto Bridge. We went during summer and I must say, it was absolutely hot that we stuffed ourselves with lots of gelatos to stay cool. It was totally worth it though and absolutely yummy. One of my best experience being in Italy. :P

Day Two

1. Walk around the city - in the morning, I highly recommend to wander the streets aimlessly. This way, you will be able to stroll past slowly decaying Gothic palaces, adorable Byzantine windows and small bars you can stop by to share a glass of wine with the locals. Wine is truly affordable to if you love wine, take advantage of it! My husband and I actually jogged around the small city of Venice and saw so much of its beauty. It is also a great way to appreciate its charm without the busy crowd.

If you are unsure about where to go or what to do, here are a few walking tours that you can take to explore the small city of Venice that I highly recommend. Click here.

2. Accademia Gallery - if you are all about the art and history, you must visit the Accademia Gallery for its marvelous collection of Old Masters paintings, the best in Italy.

3. Peggy Guggenheim - one of Europe's best early modern work from the 20th century gallery including Picasso, Dali, Chagall, Mondrian, Miro, Duchamp and many more.

4. Piazza San Marco - also called as Saint Mark's Square. It's the largest and most important square in Venice. Here, you will find lots of restaurants that serves delicious meals and high-end store where you can literally shop until you drop! Spend a few hours walking and wandering around Venice's labyrinth of alleyways. Maybe a great place to catch some lunch also.

5. Ride the Gondola - Yes, it's very touristy and overpriced, but you cannot go to Venice without riding one. It was a pretty cool experience and quite relaxing.

6. Find a spot for dinner - To end the day, just walk around and find your own special place to eat dinner. There are plenty to choose from. We did this and ended up with a delicious authentic Italian food, a glass of wine and with a pretty view of the Canal. It was just the perfect way to end our day.

You may follow these in order or you can switch things around depending on what will work best for you.

Until next time!


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