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Oh Firenze, Why Are You So Pretty?!

"Firenze is always a good idea!"

Firenze, also known as Florence, is the capital of Italy's Tuscany region that is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. After watching the movie, Under The Tuscan Sun, it made me fall in-love with the dream of visiting the place one day and having my own experience of being "under the tuscan sun".

Here's the trailer... if you have never seen the movie before. :D

Three years of dreaming to visit this place, my dream became a reality..

Seeing Florence For The First Time

When we arrived in Florence, I first fell in-love with its overwhelmingly beauty. Florence quickly became one of my most favorite cities in Italy. It was hard not to get swoon by the red terracotta-tiled cathedral dome engineered by Brunellschi, and the Bell Tower by Giotto that we climbed up to see the gorgeous panoramic view of the city located in Piazza Del Duomo.

There are also quite a few iconic spots that you should definitely see when visiting Florence

1. The Galleria dell'Accademia, which displays Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture

2. The Uffizi Gallery that exhibits Botticelli’s, “The Birth of Venus”

3. The da Vinci’s “Annunciation.”

The best thing about the city of Florence is that it was made for walking. We picked a hotel near the train station and the Piazza. We never had to take a taxi or any public transportations due to everything we need were within the reach. Restaurants, shops even some designer boutiques were just a few steps away.

What Made Firenze so Special?

Italy's most famous region, the Toscano, also know as Tuscany, conjures images of gorgeous rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and cypress trees! Wine tasting in Chianti, was one of Tuscany's many pleasures.

Exploring the hill towns of San Gimignano, and the medieval city of Siena, that holds excellent works of art, are one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. San Gimignano offered some breath-taking views of the Tuscany. I just couldn't stop admiring..

And of course, who would forget the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa? The Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Tower of Pisa, is a freestanding bell tower of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its unintended tilt. I tried to take a picture with it pretending that I was trying to prevent it from falling but obviously... none of the pictures came out good enough for me to post. :P

Our visit in Florence was definitely my favorite during our two weeks European tour. Not only it was a great break to get some fresh air, it was also wonderful to get out of the city to see something new. This is probably one of the places that I will end up coming back in the future.

When is the best time to go?

We visited the city around late July - early August. One thing for sure, if we plan to visit again, I will not pick those months. It was the hottest and the most humid months! I probably ate gelato 3 to 4 times a day just to stay cool. November through March tend to be the coldest months. Although Florence is never a bad idea to visit all year around, I would highly recommend to go around May and October where the weather is not too cold, not too hot, just perfect.

Where to book for tours?

If you want to explore the city or around the city without worrying about where to go or renting a car, the easiest way is to book a tour. Here are some of the tours we booked during our visit that I highly recommend.

Only a few days in Florence? No problem! Make the best of your time. Click to view. 1. Skip the Line: Florence Duomo with Brunelleschi's Dome Climb - It gets pretty packed and busy, this is the best way to skip the lines and see the Dome and the view of Florence.

2. Florence to Greve in Chianti Tour with Wine Tasting Experience - a tuscan experience!

3. Pisa, Siena and San Gimignano Day Trip from Florence Including Lunch - a very long day but if you only have a couple or a few days, well worth the trip.

3. Pisa and Cinque Terre Day Trip from Florence by Train - kind of wish we had time to do this.. but if you do, its a must!

There is so much to love about the city. Having a glass of wine in your hand and admiring the spectacular view, is the perfect getaway from your busy and stressful life!


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