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How Did We End Up in Oregon?!

Looking forward for a week fun trip to Germany, my friend and I met up at the Houston airport and flew to Chicago to catch a flight to Munich. It was my first time flying stand-by with her internationally so I really didn't know what to expect. During our boarding time in Chicago, my friend opened her passport and said, "we can't go to Munich".

Puzzled, she showed me her passport and saw that she had brought the wrong passport. Panic mode?? Absolutely! I had to react quickly and got myself to calm down quicker than expected. I can honestly say that if I have not been reading the "Art of Happiness" book by Dalai Lama, I would be panicking and sweating my butt off trying to process what just happened. We had to come up with a new solution and saw that there is a flight available to go to Portland, Oregon in about an hour so we decided to take it. We were not ready to end the fun just yet!

Arriving in Portland, we rented a car and booked a hotel to stay for 3 nights. It was my first time in Oregon so I had a few things in mind to see. Our Europe trip just turned into a Oregon Road Trip. The weather in Oregon was gloomy, chilly and wet. Since we did not pack for the Oregon weather, we had to pick up a few things at the store.

Oregon is a coastal U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest known for its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farms and beaches. I am never a big fan of a rainy weather or a gloomy weather but Oregon was beautiful. We were not able to hike up to some of the beautiful spots of Oregon due to not having the right clothing and shoes, but we did what we can while we were there. We visited some of the gorgeous views of Oregon that you can easily get into without having to hike up for many miles.

1. Ecola State Park (About 1.5 hrs from Portland) - This took us about a whole day to see. You will see the beautiful Oregon coast and here is where Crescent Beach and Cannon Beach are located. There is a short muddy hike to the Crescent Beach (3 miles total) but I think it is well worth it to do and see. There are a ton of trails to hike and explore of course if you are up for it!

2. Columbia River George National Scenic Area (about 35min-1 hour from Portland) - here you can find, Multnomah Falls, the second highest waterfall in the country. You will also find many views to savor! Just keep on driving. If you have more time, the area offers a range of hiking and biking trails, plus camping facilities.

3. Mt. Hood National Forest - as much as we want to see Mt Hood, we were unable to due not having the proper gears and shoes for it. But there are so much to see around the area and even the unknown roads led us to some of the most amazing views.

Trillium Lake

Unknown road led us to this view.

It was pretty hard to capture the moments due to a foggy and cloudy day but I did my best to edit the colors. I guess you can always go and see it for yourself because photos are never enough to capture the true beauty of nature.

Until next time!


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