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Snow in Spring at Old Quebec, Canada

Old Quebec is a UNESCO world heritage treasure that is rich with history. Clustered around the city's harbor on the banks of the St. Lawrence River are the quaint stone buildings and narrow, winding streets of Old Québec. Attractions such as, Notre-Dame Basilica and Quartier Petit-Champlain are a must see. Quebec City streets feels like being in Europe due to is charming artisans shops and cafes. Old Quebec attracts visitors day and night due to its European-esque streets up for exploration 24/7.

When you hear Spring Break, people often think of going somewhere warm. My friends and I decided to make Old Quebec our Spring Break destination.

When we arrived, it was cold! I mean COLD. It was a beautiful view seeing all the snow. Locals said this was the longest winter they've ever had for many years and definitely one of the coldest. Even though it was freezing cold, Old Quebec was still absolutely beautiful.

These photos were taken by our friend Marc, Inlight-10.

"Let's go!" Me: absolutely not going to slide down again! XD

Streets are absolutely lovely and cute!

The view of the harbor with the ice covering it was spectacular!

Sledding was so much fun!

Had to drag this one all the way up the stairs. ;)

The beautiful Chateau Frontenac

There's a view things we learned during this trip......

1. Comfortable clothing and the proper snow shoes is a must if you still want to feel your feet about walking around the streets during Winter.

2. Maple cookies or anything maple made is delicious and a must try. YUM!

3. Go sledding!!!!

4. Walk the streets of Old Quebec and explore around the harbor.

5. If you want to feel like you're in Europe without having to do the long trip, this is your spot!


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