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Must Do in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico for 3 Days

Old San Juan is an islet connected to the main island by three bridges with the fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the oldest settlement within Puerto Rico and the historical colonial section of the city in San Juan. Old San juan is very special in every way. It is known for it's rich history, romantic ambiance, old century forts and has the old world elegance. You truly cannot leave Puerto Rico without visiting this place.

Castillo De San Cristobal Fort

WHERE TO STAY: Planning our visit, we wanted to stay somewhere that gives us the feel of what Old San Juan stands for. We were also looking for a hotel that is close to many historic sites and attractions. After many research, we came across Hotel El Convento. Described as a destination where the old world charm and elegance meet contemporary comfort, we made it as the "one".

Hotel El Convento is a small intimate hotel that is charming and romantic. When we stayed here, they also offered free wine night after 6pm everyday including fruits, cheese and crackers! Just the best way to relax after a long day of exploring the city.

They have a small pool and seating area on the roof overlooking the Old San Juan city.

Staying in a hotel walking distance from everything, it was very easy for us to access all the historical sites and attractions that we wanted to visit while in San Juan. We only had 3 nights and 4 days to explore the city, so we decided to list the things that was very easy for us to do and still gave us the charm we were looking for while visiting Old San Juan.

WHAT TO DO/SEE: 1. Stroll the Colorful Streets of Old San Juan.(Walking distance from the hotel)

Enjoy the bright painted building that gives you the colorful tropical charm of the city. This is a great way to spend your day shopping, eating and sight seeing.

2. Visit the Plaza de Armas (Also walking distance from the hotel)

Plaza De Armas was designed to be the main square of Old San Juan. There is a fountain on the center of the square that features four 100 year old statues known as, The Four Seasons. Each statue represent the different seasons. Pigeons were also everywhere! Feeding them for me was the best part.

3. Explore the Historic Forts of Old San Juan (Walking distance from the hotel)

Castillo San Felipe Del Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal can be explored together since they are right by each other. There is a fee to enter but when we went it was no more than $10 a person. The best one is being able to see the coast of the city and the view of the Atlantic Ocean. The view was quite spectacular.

4. Visit Santa Maria Magdalena Cemetery

It is one of the most beautiful cemetery we have ever seen. The headstones and sculptures were quite unique and a true work of art. It is located just outside the walls of Fort San Felipe del Morro directly next to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the many resting place of Puerto Rico's most important/known natives and residents.

After exploring the Old San Juan, we decided to see a little bit outside the city. We wanted to see some nature. We picked a tour to El Yunque Rainforest.

5. El Yunque Rainforest

It is the only tropical rain forest under US nature protection and the largest nature reserve in Puerto Rico. A great way to get some fresh air. It can be quite busy especially during Summer time but the beauty of the waterfalls and the view of the rainforest is worth to see. Prepare to do some hiking and make sure you wear some comfortable shoes perfect for hiking due to its tendency to get slippery. This trip will take a whole day.

Some beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico can also be found but it will take a good day or two trip from San Juan. To get to Culebra, you will need to be prepared to hop on a ferry or fly on a plane from the airport. If you have an extra day or two in Puerto Rico, Culebra is totally worth it especially being one of the most beautiful beaches known in the Caribbean.

Every place has its own beauty. I appreciate every single places that I go to. Memories in Puerto Rico will remain in my hearts forever. <3


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