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Colorado in Spring

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of moments until it becomes a memory."

As I go back to one of my most favorite road trip with my partner, my first time to experience spring in Colorado was one of my absolute best. People often come here during winter for ski season. There is so much more about Colorado than going skiing. In Spring, you can see the true beauty of the mountains, the trees, the flowers an even the animals are more active, busy enjoying the weather. The best part is being able to drive through the Independence Pass for a scenic drive since it stays closed and covered with snow during the winter time.

The Maroon Bells is a must see. "It is surrounded by pristine National Forest lands, are the most photographed peaks in all of North America. Here you can explore the glacial valley while surrounded by 14,000 - foot peaks. Maroon Lake, surrounded by fields of wildflowers, mirrors images of the Maroon Bells in it's waters". Video here.

We stayed in Aspen. Probably the cutest little town there is. It is quite a popular spot during winter but spring brings out more of its color and beauty.

After spending a few days in Aspen, we decided to go back to Denver and visit the Red Rock Park & Amphitheatre, which is probably one of the most famous naturally-formed outdoor venue. Video here.


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