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Memory Lane #3 - Chicago, Winter 2014.

"Life is too short, spend it with people who make you laugh and feel loved."

When it comes to friendship, I truly value them. I give nothing but my loyalty, love and support. Moving from the Philippines to Houston 14 years ago, keeping friendship was hard especially not having any of my childhood friends I had growing up. I learned that when you find good friends, you keep them and you treasure them. Learn to be happy and to be there for them when they need you no matter how big or small their dilemma is. That's what friends are for right? :)

First trip with this two. One thing I learned about Chicago though... winter weather is no joke.. Visiting on a -10 degrees weather might have given me the feeling of having snow is not always fun. (hah!)

It's always fun spending time and making memories with your friends. There's always going to be something to talk about, laugh about and stories to tell! Having a healthy friendship is important when finding balance in life and making life a little bit more sweet.

"Without friends, life can be boring as they contribute to one's happiness in a fulfilling way. Friendship can have major impact on your well-being since they heighten your happiness, reduce the stress and perk up your self-worth."

To read more, visit this article I found about friends :)

P.S - Excuse the quality of photos since these were taken a few years ago. It will get better!

Thanks alot!

<3 CL

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