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Turks Stole My Heart

Memory Lane number 2. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Summer, 2013.

I was a bit skeptical about the true beauty of Turks before we came. I've searched so many videos online just to see if it truly has that "wow" factor. It wasn't as popular 4 years ago so I wasn't able to see much about it. But hearing good things from people who have been there did not stop me from checking it out. Knowing nobody that I know had any idea where this place is, got me to want to see it more.

We picked this place for our vacation and booked a one bedroom oceanfront suite at Gansenvort Resort which was PERFECT! Upon arriving, I loved the fact that it wasn't as crowded as the other popular beach destinations. The cars hardly went over 50mph while driving. It gave me the feeling of a slower phase environment which made me feel... relaxed.

During our stay, I hardly saw any cars on the rode. We rented a scooter which was probably the best idea we had. We went around the whole island and explored it for less than 2 hours. Small, but an absolute beauty! The locals were kind and you can tell trust is easily given here.

We stayed here for 5 nights and 6 days. Here are the list of things we did while in the island;

-Provo Ponies (rode around the beach, and it was super relaxing.)

-Spa Day at the Gansenvort Resort. (Our very first couples massage.)

-Visited Iguana Island (Little Water Cay), snorkeled and ate Conch for the first time ever, freshly picked from the carribean sea!

-Drove 4wheelers around the island and visit d the north coast.

-Explored Leeward Beach, the ship, and all the other beaches on the island by a scooter.

-Canoed, and laid on the beach all day. :)

I found this place as one of the places I will keep coming back to in the future... it's not only perfect for honeymooners, but also for family.

Turks is the true definition of crystal blue clear water and super white sand beach. These pictures were not edited and was taken by an older camera 4 years ago but you cannot deny that despite the more high-tech clear camera nowadays, it truly is a gem. Definitely planning to come back to get a much prettier photos with my updated camera. ;)



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