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Hawaii Memories

Oahu Island (2012)

My first trip in Hawaii was in 2012. I went with my husband's family. The first island I visited was Oahu, a more commercialize island part of Hawaii. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, which was a pleasant stay. I was a total "tourist" and did everything we could possibly do, (first time in Hawaii?? I kinda had to!).We went to see the coast, watched a Luau show, hiked up where they shot Jurassic Park, shopped around the popular shopping area in Waikiki which consists of all possible fancy name brands you can think of, and ate good! We also visited Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling, rode 4wheelers at the kualoa Ranch in Kaawa, which is a total must if you stay in honolulu, and swam the beach of Haleiwa to watch the sea turtles. It was one of the most memorable experience for me especially being with my Le family.

Maui (2014)

Second trip to Hawaii was in the island of Maui. A totally beautiful island that consist of so many activities to do. The reason I like this island is because not only it is rated as one of the best honeymoon destination in the world, it was also a family-friendly destination.

I enjoyed Maui. From driving around the coast, driving to Hana, and exploring little gems here and there all throughout our trip made this trip worth it. I am a girl who loves trees, waterfalls and nature in general so Maui truly captured my heart. Some of the activities we did were;

-Road to Hana (Probably did every spot and even visited the Red Sand Beach that not many knew about. The beach was tucked away and it was not recommended by many tour companies and car companies in Hawaii due to the risk of getting there but that did not stop me.)

-Drove around the whole island coast.

-Honolua Bay (for snorkeling)

-Iao Valley

-Helicopter tour of the island of Maui and the isolated island of Malokai (Most memorable moment during our trip.)

-Haleakala Sunset

While in Maui, I suggest to rent your own car and take time to explore the island in your own phase. The island has a ton of things to do that every age group would enjoy. From being adventurous to just wanting to layout and relax on the beach, you cannot go wrong with Maui.

Twin Falls

Red Sand Beach

Honolua Bay

Iao Valley

Malokai Island through the Helicopter Ride

Haleakala Sunrise

Black Sand Beach

Pipiwai Trail

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